USA Visa Medical Examination

  • Applicants coming to WilCare for their visa medical examination will go through the process flow as attached in the following links.
  • In case additional examination is required, applicant may have to make further visit(s).
Initial Visit: All application including children View Flowchart
Subsequent Visit: For children 2 to 14 years only View Flowchart
  • Physical Examination: All applicants are required to undergo physical examination regardless of age.
  • IGRA (Interferon Gamma Release Assay) Children aged between 2 to 14 years have to undergo Interferon Gamma Release Assay.
  • CXR (Chest X-ray) Adult applicants aged 15 and above, and children with exposure to TB cases or with history of TB disease.
  • Syphilis (Blood) Test: For applicants aged 15 and above.
  • Gonorrhea (Urine) Test for applicants aged 15 and above.
  • Sputum (Phlegm) Test Only if referred or necessary.

CDC requires administration of 1st dose of age-specific vaccine within WilCare at the time of medical examination.

What to bring?

Applicant needs to:

  • Appear personally for medical examination.
  • Bring original valid passport.
  • Printed Latter from the national visa center/consular section declaring visa preference category.
  • Bring medical, surgical and prescription history documents (if any).
  • Bring eyeglasses (if applicable).
  • Bring required fees for medical examination in Pak Rupees (Debit/Credit card payment facility is available).

What to Avoid?

  • Please avoid bringing extra persons with you as they won't be allowed to enter the medical examination area.
  • Only applicants needing assistance are allowed to bring one attendant with them to accompany.
  • In case the applicant requires special assistance, he/she should inform WilCare at the time of booking appointment.
  • Avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry and bringing in large bags. Any doubtful object will not be allowed to be taken within WilCare.
  • Infectious materials, matches/lighters, cigarettes/smokes, aerosols/sprays/perfumes, electronic devices including mobile phones or any other such sort of items deemed harmful within the medical examination area are not allowed.

Notes for Applicants

Applicant needs to:

  • In case of any intentional attempt to hide medical and physical condition, US Embassy will be informed.
  • You need to take in account the hygiene and cleanliness for physical examination of whole body as per requirement of CDC.
  • Child suffering from any fever or serious illness will not be examined. Therefore, reschedule your appointments accordingly.
  • Weak sighted applicants must keep the vision glasses and contact lenses with them at the time of medical examination, and also bring previous medical documents like prescriptions and surgical notes.
  • Applicants need to provide their complete address in Pakistan as well as in USA where they are intending to stay.

Notes for Pregnant Females

  • Pregnant women need to inform at the registration desk regarding pregnancy to avoid unnecessary vaccination as they might cause complexities for them.
  • Pregnant females will undergo chest X-ray by using double guard cover to protect the fetus from any danger of being exposed to radiation.
  • As per CDC regulations, medical report will not be considered complete in absence of chest X ray.

How different tests are conducted?
Sputum Test

Disclaimer: WilCare dose not own these videos. These are here just for applicant's knowledge.