Australia Visa Medical Examination

  • Applicants coming to WilCare for their visa medical examination will go through the process flow as attached in the following links.
  • In case additional examination is required, applicant may have to make further visit(s).
Initial Visit: All application including children View Flowchart
WilCare carries out visa medical examination for Australia under the guidelines provided by Department of Home Affairs.
What to bring?

Applicant needs to:

  • Appear personally for medical examination.
  • Bring original passport with you.
  • Bring the letter from the Department of Home Affairs, along with the Health Examination Lot or the Examination Referral Letter which contains the HAP ID/ TRN number.
  • Bring all past prescriptions along for analysis at the clinic along with surgical notes or medical history. This includes optical prescriptions like eyeglasses.
  • Bring polio certification along (given by a government authorized institute).
  • If applicable, applicant also needs to bring along:
  • Old Chest X-ray films if any (less than 6 months old).
  • All records of clinically significant illnesses (Current or cured) illnesses.

What to Avoid?

  • Only applicants are permitted to enter the medical examination area.
  • Following applicants needing assistance are allowed to bring one attendant with them to accompany.
    - Applicants Aged less than 15 Years.
    - Applicants Aged more than 60 Years.
    - Physically challenged Applicants.
  • In case the applicant requires special assistance, he/she should inform WilCare at the time of booking appointment.
  • Avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry and bringing in large bags.
  • Infectious materials, matches/lighters, cigarettes/smokes, aerosols/sprays/perfumes, electronic devices including mobile phones or any other items deemed harmful within the medical examination area are not allowed.

Notes for Applicants

Applicant needs to:

  • The medical examination will be conducted at WilCare only after the visa application has been filed with the Embassy or e-visa systems. Applicants are expected to register online themselves prior to making appointment at WilCare. The link attached will guide applicants to the Visa Finder site by DHA. Applicants can choose the type of visa they are applying for and then follow the instructions to get their case registered. Australia Visa
  • All female applicants of reproductive age group are advised not to have their appointments while having periods. Certain tests may need to be repeated if conducted while having periods, necessitating a repeat visit.
  • All tests are conducted in non-fasting state (applicants are encouraged to take the regular meal before the blood and urine tests).

Notes for Pregnant Females

  • Pregnant women need to inform at the registration desk regarding pregnancy to avoid unnecessary vaccination as they might cause complexities for them.
  • Pregnant females will undergo chest X-ray by using double guard cover to protect the fetus from any danger of being exposed to radiation.