USA Visa Medical Examination

USA Medical Examination

The US State Department requires a medical examination for all those who intend to apply as immigrant to the United State of America. The examination is strictly conducted under the guidelines of CDC (Center for Disease Control) Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

All applicants are required to pass through the comprehensive physical examination. No restrictions are imposed on applicants for taking their meal prior to coming for medical examination as the initial blood and urine tests have no such requirement.

Children aged between 2-15 years need to be screened for TB by managing TST or IGRA blood test. The child must appear again between 48 to 72 hours so the results may by analyzed. Parents should make sure to bring the children back within the mentioned time period. The report will be considered complete by WilCare only when the tests are read thoroughly. Applicants above 15 years will also go through the X-ray chest and blood test. Test reports from other medical facilities for same tests shall not be accepted and doctors may ask for additional investigations if they feel necessary to process the medical report.


It is the requirement of CDC to give the first dose of vaccine to all applicants and only within WilCare’s Medical facility. Each vaccine is specific for specific age groups.

Notes for Pregnant Females

  • Pregnant women need to inform at the registration desk regarding pregnancy to avoid unnecessary vaccination as they might cause complexities for them.
  • Pregnant females will undergo chest X-ray by using double guard cove to protect the fetus from any danger of being exposed to radiation. As per CDC regulations, medical report will not be considered complete in absence of chest X ray.


WilCare prefers to treat the applicants through appointments but provisions are made to welcome the applicants from Monday to Saturday; from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Note that the Visa Medical Test timings are only from 2:00 PM to 5:00 pm. Online appointments can be made 24/7 but consider public holidays as well.

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What to Bring

  • Applicants are advised to appear personally for medical examination.
  • Original Valid Passport.
  • Letter/Document from the national visa center/consular section declaring visa preference category.
  • Medical, surgical and prescription history documents (if any)
  • Fee for medical examination in Pak rupees.

What to Avoid?

  • Please avoid bringing extra persons with you as they won’t be allowed to enter the medical center.
  • Only applicants needing assistance are allowed to bring one attendant with them to accompany.
  • In case the applicant requires special assistance, he/she should inform WilCare beforehand.
  • Avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry and bringing in large bags. Any doubtful object will not be allowed to be taken within the medical center.
  • Infectious materials, matches/lighters, cigarettes/smokes, aerosols/sprays/perfumes, or any other such sort of items deemed harmful within a medical center are not allowed.

Medical Report Availability

Report will be delivered subject to the normality of examination and no further medical investigation is required within 24 hours. Medical reports of USA Visa applicants can be sent via courier service but for that they need to inform at the reception of WilCare at the end of the medical otherwise applicants are required to come in person to WilCare to collect their reports.

Important Information for the Applicant

  • Embassy shall be informed regarding any intentional attempt of hiding any medical and physical condition.
  • You need to take in account the hygiene and cleanliness for physical examination of whole body as per requirement of CDC.
  • Child suffering from any fever or serious illness will not be examined so re-schedule your appointments accordingly.
  • Weak sighted applicants must keep the vision glasses and contact lenses with them at the time of medical examination, and also bring previous medical documents like prescriptions and surgical notes.
  • Complete Postal address is required in Pakistan, as well as of America by the applicants where they are intending to stay.