Malaysia Student Visa Medical Examination

  • Applicants coming to WilCare for their visa medical examination will go through the process flow as attached in the following link.
  • In case additional examination tests are required, applicant may have to make further visit(s).
Visit for Student Applicants View Flowchart
  • WilCare conducts medical examination for Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS), a company wholly owned by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.
  • New international students are mandated to undergo pre-arrival/out-of-country medical screening in accordance with the requirements of the Malaysian Ministry of Education.
  • Applicants need to carefully review the information at EMGS official website for more information. EMGS Medical Screening
What to bring?

Applicants need to bring:

  • Original passport.
  • Original ID card.
  • Vaccination record (if any).
  • Eyesight glasses (if applicable).
  • Documents pertaining to your previous or current medical or surgical history (if any).
  • Bring valid Polio Certificate issued by the Government Hospital / Institute. (*Polio Certificate once issued, be valid for 1 Year)
  • Required fees for medical examination in Pak Rupees (Debit/Credit card payment facility is available).
What to Avoid?
  • Please avoid bringing extra persons with you as they won’t be allowed to enter the medical examination area.
  • Only applicants needing assistance are allowed to bring one attendant with them to accompany.
  • In case the applicant requires special assistance, he/she should inform WilCare at the time of booking appointment.
  • Avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry and bringing in large bags. Any doubtful object will not be allowed to be taken within the medical center.
  • Infectious materials, matches/lighters, cigarettes/smokes, aerosols/sprays/perfumes, electronic devices including mobile phones or any other such sort of items deemed harmful within the medical examination area are not allowed.
Notes for Applicants
  • Lodge the visa application with the Malaysian Government before coming for medical examination at WilCare.
  • Weak sighted applicants must bring their vision glasses and contact lenses at the time of medical examination. Also bring any previous medical documents like prescriptions and surgical notes.
  • All tests are conducted in non-fasting state (applicants are encouraged to take the regular meal before the blood and urine tests).
Notes for Pregnant Females
  • Pregnant women need to inform at the registration desk regarding pregnancy so as to avoid unnecessary vaccination as they might cause complexities for them.
  • Pregnant females will undergo chest X-ray by using double guard cover to protect the fetus from any danger of being exposed to radiation.