Urinary symptoms that need medical assistance

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June 20, 2017
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June 22, 2017
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Urinary symptoms that need medical assistance

Urinary symptoms can lead to risky diseases that might need medical assistance. Anybody at some point of his or her lifetime can get urinary symptoms. These symptoms if ignored can lead to urinary tract infection or other complications. Therefore we should be aware of those urinary complaints that cannot simply be ignored. These include;

  • Sudden onset pain in the urethra or burning sensations while urinating.
  • Feeling of abnormal pressure or pain in lower central abdomen below umbilicus.
  • Passage of fresh blood, blood clot, sand or stone in urine.
  • A decrease in force of urinary stream especially with difficulty in beginning the flow.
  • The unusual sudden compelling urge to urinate especially if happening repeatedly.

For medical examination and queries, take help from our consultants.

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